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Standard Products

Q: What kind of products does Gunnell offer?
A: We offer a wide range of Durable Medical Equipment, please see our standard products. 

Q: Are your products durable?
A: Yes, we pride ourselves on offering the most durable products on the market and our unmatched warranty is a commitment to manufacture products that will not break and will provide the user with a reliable mobility system.

Q: What it your warranty?
A: We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our wheelchair and walker base frames and a 5 year 100% no questions asked warranty on all Gunnell designed and manufactured parts. Further, we offer a five year 50% warranty of retail price warranty on other manufacturer’s products that we use. 

Q: How quickly can a product be shipped?
A: We can normally get your product shipped to you in one week from the placement of your purchase order. However, circumstances can arise that may cause setbacks. We feel confident in saying that we have a short delivery time; three weeks is the maximum shipping time that could occur. 

Q: Are your wheelchairs compatible with most seating systems on the market?
A: Yes, we make our chairs to accept most seating systems. We have our own incredible line of seating products available as well as the V-Trak seating system provided by Performance Health Products with the state-of-the-art AireRx vented cushions. 

Q: How adjustable are your wheelchairs?
A: We make our chairs to be very adjustable in order to minimize the need for additional chair purchases due to patient changes or growth. See our line of Pediatric, Adult and Bariatric wheelchairs listed along the left of your screen or under the “Products” link at the top of the page. 

Q: What are platform chairs and what is the need for them?
A: Platform chairs are a product that we have developed through the years by listening to our customers. The need for a bed or gurney has always been there, but to be able to provide tilt-in-space, recline and leg rests similar to that provided on wheelchairs has not been available. 

Q: Is there any type of product that I can’t get from Gunnell?
A: We offer a large line of Durable Medical Products, but we pride ourselves on having the ability to build your custom designs from the ground up. Our slogan, from Standard to Mega-Custom, is our invitation to you to feel free to ask about any situation that you may need to address. We are willing to create the seemingly impossible products with the same durability that we provide on our standard line of products. If you are having trouble finding a certain type of product, we at Gunnell have many resources to be able to help you find what you are looking for and may be able to help come up with a solution that will solve the challenge that you may have.

Custom Products

Q: What kind of custom products do you make?
A: You can view some examples if you click on our “Custom Products” link at the top of the page. We have built some very amazing products and we welcome your requests in order to satisfy your special requirements. Our slogan, from Standard to Mega-Custom, is our invitation to you to ask about any situation you may need to address. 

Q: What is Mega-Custom? 
A: It’s just a word that we made up to help describe our commitment to bring your imagination to reality. 

Q: How long does it take to ship custom products?
A: We pride ourselves on a short delivery time on all of our products. There is a different process in place to deal with custom products and depending on the difficulty a custom product can take one to six weeks to ship. Custom modifications to standard or existing products may take one to three weeks. 

Q: Do custom products have the same warranty as your standard products?
A: Yes! 

Q: Can you help me come up with the custom product that I need?
A: Yes, many times people will contact us with a challenge that they don’t quite know how to resolve. We can help you by creating the product that you need.

Rehab TNT

Q: How narrow is the wheel base on the Rehab TNT?
A: Depending on the seat width setting, add 5.5 inches for 12 inch wheels and 7 inches for 20 and 24 inch wheels. Please see the technical specifications guide. 

Q: Can the tilt range be limited on the Rehab TNT?
A: Yes, we use 10 mm shaft collars to limit the posterior tilt infinitely within the available 55 degree tilt range. 

Q: Is there a recline option?
A: Yes. 

Q: What adjustments are standard on the Rehab TNT?
A: Seat depth, chair width, rear wheel, forward to aft adjustment, seat-to-floor height, and push handle height adjustments are all standard items on the Rehab TNT. 

Q: Will you do custom modifications?
A: Yes, we will do just about any custom modification that you need. 

Q: How many frame colors are available?
A: We offer 19 available frame colors to choose from. Please see Colors by clicking on the “Order Forms” link at the bottom of the page. 

Q: What material are the chair frame and parts made from?
A: The Rehab TNT has a welded, all steel frame. 

Q: What is the weight limit on the Rehab TNT?
A: Our wheelchairs are equipped with a heavy duty package as standard construction that can support up to 500 pounds. 

Q: What is the significance of the numbers on the serial number?
A: The first 5 numbers are your invoice number and the numbers after the dash are the month and year that it was built.